Saturday, October 12, 2013

Technology, or something that works?

I don't know who said it (and Google has given me no help), but a particular quote has been on my mind as of recently: "People don't want technology, they want something that works." as you might be able to guess from that little statement, this isn't being written in my normal computer, but is being written on a different device while I scramble to make sure that I get something up. I decided that I would make at least one post a day, and I intend to do that, through whatever methods I need to. Even though pretty much no one reads this, I will do what I can to make sure those zero people get what I promised.

But all this difficulty with getting technology to work is making me think of technology and the ways that it does and doesn't work. We're all sitting here waiting for some sort of future where everything just automatically works together. I'm someone who wants that world just about as much as every other consumer (not the producers, obviously), but I'm not insane enough to think that this is going to happen any time soon... Or at all.

Thing is, part of my mind is telling me that I just need to sit back and consider what we actually have. I'm writing this article on a piece of technology straight out of Star Trek, it can reach pretty much anyone on Earth with an Internet connection, and I don't even need to take my mind off the football game I'm watching to get all of this done. It's really an amazing thing, and even though I know that I'll be right back to making unreasonable demands about it tomorrow, maybe I should use right now to think about how well it works already.

Until it stops working properly again, that is. At that point, I'll fall right back into my rage and confusion.

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