Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Comic review: Star Wars #4

When Dark Horse was publishing Star Wars comics, no one really cared outside of some hardcore Expanded Universe fanatics. Now that Disney is publishing them through Marvel, everyone cares, with the first issue being the first comic in two decades to sell a million copies and staying near the top of the sales chart ever since. The question becomes, now that some of the novelty of having new, definitely canon material has worn off, how well is this series holding up?

Comic review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Ten #14

I haven't reviewed the Buffyverse comics in a long time. Many things have changed, the most notable being that the main Buffy series has become the stronger one, quality wise. This issue is not quite as strong, but more as a mildly disappointing misstep than reason to panic.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Comic review: Kaptara #1

[Image publishes so many good comics that, almost by reflex, I buy every new #1 issue that they put out. Let's see if they're a hit or miss.]

Unfortunately, the best way I can describe this comic is "meh" - I wish I had more of a build up to that, but that's just the feeling that I had after reading it. There's nothing to really hate, there's nothing to really like, it all just kind of exists.

Comic Review: Batman '66 #22

For most people, it seems that the favorite flavor of Batman is dark, a tone set in place by Miller, Burton, and Nolan, and continuing on with the movies and most of the comic series. While I love it when well done, more can be done with Batman, and Batman '66, a spiritual successor to the TV series, has filled that void for a while now. While this issue is not the strongest, it still manages to capture the feel of the series successfully.

Comic Review: Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #4

Squirrel Girl is one of Marvel's stranger characters, both in powers and abilities and in her meta-history of retcons and general comic strangeness. For that reason, this series being written by Ryan North is very fitting, since he is both the creator of Dinosaur Comics and writer for the Adventure Time comics, the first of which has had over 2800 comic strips that all use the same art every time, and the second is, well, Adventure Time. That strange energy he has fits Squirrel Girl perfectly and has served this series well so far.

What I find most interesting here is that Galactus fits perfectly with the world in Squirrel Girl, having the same irreverence in everything that Doreen and every other character has. I am not going to say that Galactus should not act like this, since if he did not, it would feel completely out of place, but it feels a little like everything is the same. Galactus sounds like Ryan North, not just dialogue written by him, as does every other character. It's not been bad enough for me to be tired of it, but the fact that everyone has the same voice and sense of humor has to reach its limit at some point, and I'm afraid of the series reaching the point that it's worn too thin.