Monday, April 27, 2015

Comic review: Kaptara #1

[Image publishes so many good comics that, almost by reflex, I buy every new #1 issue that they put out. Let's see if they're a hit or miss.]

Unfortunately, the best way I can describe this comic is "meh" - I wish I had more of a build up to that, but that's just the feeling that I had after reading it. There's nothing to really hate, there's nothing to really like, it all just kind of exists.

The problem can best be shown by describing the story: The main character, Keith, is an environmental scientist, on a mission in space. He was only offered this mission because his aunt put the mission together and he hated his life on Earth. When he was younger, he was picked on for being both gay and nerdy, which led to him always seeing himself as the victim, and being uncomfortable when he's not. During the mission, there is an accident in space that leaves him stranded on a planet, where the only other survivor (we think) is killed by the wildlife, but Keith is rescued by a warrior. While recovering, he sees the world they have and is offered the chance to go back to his planet, but sees no reason why he would want to, especially since that was why he left in the first place.

This should be a great story: there is a lot to this character, and many interesting possibilities to explore. Two things make it fall apart: too much time is spent getting to the planet, including introducing the others on the mission that don't end up being important (yet?), and all of his interesting characteristics are literally spoken by others to him. It doesn't make him interesting, it just claims that there are interesting characteristics on an otherwise blank slate.

This is just the first issue, so there is time for things to improve. Many series spend the first issue doing too much set up, but it was how the setup went that did not inspire confidence. If the set up had not been spelled out so blatantly and the character development had felt natural in any way, I might have felt it had real potential. If I hear good things between now and the trade, I might pick it up, but for now, I'll let this one pass.

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