Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Let's Play Donkey Kong Country Part 8: The power didn't go out this time...

Misc. notes:

  • The podcast I was referring to was episode 28 of Cortex. Are you interested by in depth conversations about to-do apps? If so, you've found nirvana. 
  • I had a prior recording attempt of this level during which the power went out, the console stayed on, my laptop stayed on, but the capture card shut off, and it took me 30 minutes to get everything working again. That's what I mentioned at the end, and after that... best option I saw was to start over. 
  • I didn't intend for the video to have so many Raocow-esque chipmunk segments, but that's just the way it went. At least I did the pitch adjustment so they didn't sound completely ridiculous (I was basically impossible to understand beforehand)
  • I talk about the recording time because, due to being an idiot, I started recording, then spent 5 minutes doing things that I should have done before, so the times looked really different than I would have expected - much longer. I also had no idea I would speed up so many segments of the video while I was recording

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