Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The change in focus

Yes, this blog has changed a significant amount, and I've not been as upfront with that as I could have been. That's entirely my fault, and I'm really sorry for that.

All of my comic stuff has moved elsewhere. It's now Indie Comic News, which is where my reviews, occasional news posts, and longer pieces about comics.

Most of what I've been posting here are videos that I've been working on, and that's an important thing that I want to do. I'm doing videos at Ravenous Badger Video and Ravenous Badger Gaming, but I'm going to make an effort to use the blog as almost the footnotes section for those - there's always something that got cut (for a reason), and if you want more little bits of information, it's here.

This is also for the various random things that I want to do, unconnected to those specific projects. Something that I want to write about that doesn't fit anywhere else, other one-off things, or just new experiments - this is where those things are going to be.

Again, I should have been more upfront about this, but now you know.

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