Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Comic Review: Angel and Faith Season 10 #15

This is a difficult issue to have much to say about, since at the same time it feels like an almost standalone story, but also serves as some connective tissue between the previous issue of this series and the most recent issue of the Buffy series.
Significantly, Faith does not even appear in this issue, despite her name being in the title of the series. Instead, this focuses on Angel and Fred, and Fred is realizing that she really wants to see the world. Somehow, this ends up with her and Angel going to Angel's hometown in Ireland, where he has somewhat of a legend as a serial killer, even though his identity is unknown. There's a tour celebrating his killings, and it's being used as a way to scare people and steal their fear, which is then used to control other people.

Reading that summary over again, this could be a pretty decent story, and going away from the longer arcs would be an interesting change of pace for the series. However, in the actual execution, there's not all that much to this issue: they investigate what's going on, find the people who are stealing the fear, Fred loses control and almost lets Illyria take over, and then it's resolved very quickly and unclearly. Even the most important part for the arc, the fact that Fred does not have Illyria under control, was both something I thought was obvious, and kind of oddly placed, since just the last issue was them barely getting her under control in the first place, when it seemed like it might have been a better route to have her under control for a little while, then to bring Illyria back after some time had passed.

Then the end brings the story back up to speed with the main Buffy series, with the other side of the same scene that was at the end of that series. This scene is what shows me what the main problem with this issue is: the thing that has me the most excited is not about this issue at all, but what it sets up for the future. 

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