Friday, July 10, 2015

Comic Review: Saga #30

In my reviews of the last few issues, I've had a lot of repeated problems come up. The story had gone in a direction that I felt conflicted about - it had gone from streamlined and focusing mostly on a very small group, to having split into multiple and keeping several storylines going at once. My concern was, would this manage to resolve itself in a way that made all of that work, or was all that setup for something that wasn't going to work? Looking at this, the answer is now definitely yes, it managed to resolve all those disparate story threads well, right before the next hiatus starts, while giving it a good place to pick up when it starts again.
All the storylines that were pointed towards in the previous issues get resolved by this. Alana and Hazel are no longer being held captive by the people who were after Hazel, Marko and Prince Robot IV's story together has come to an end, and The Will was finally brought back by Gwendolyn and Sophie. Not only were they resolved, all of them felt like a fitting end to those storylines; while this may have been a story told over six months, it all feels like it is resolved without closing the book on things completely.

Where this series continues to befuddle me, where I thought that I understood storytelling, is that it manages to keep pulling off something that is the opposite of most storytelling advice that I hear: streamline, don't keep making things bigger. Especially at the end of each story arc, there's this tease of just making the story so much bigger, of taking things in a different direction than it was going before. The longer this story goes, the bigger it keeps getting, but without it feeling like it's growing out of control.

Overall, this series just continues to be really good. If you have the chance, start back at the beginning, and read forward from there; it's hard to jump in somewhere in the middle of the series, and it's worth it from the beginning.

Even though I love this series, I'm realizing that trying to review it like this just is not working, and I'm not going to write more reviews of it in the future, when it comes back from its couple month hiatus. This series has been really good for a long time, it's not easy to jump right into it in the middle, and so this type of review is just not working for me, since I don't know what anyone would really get out of it. Instead, I'm going to write about it differently in the future, not so much reviews, as trying to dig deep into each issue as it comes out. These articles are going to be full spoilers for everything in it, since that's really the only way that it makes sense to discuss it: go deep into what's working and what's not, and see what in the issue is worth thinking about deeply and really analyzing. It won't come out quite as quickly as the reviews I normally write, since that will take more time to write, but it's not about getting something out there as quickly as possible, but about thinking deeply about the issue and the series as a whole.

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