Sunday, September 6, 2015

Comic Review: Poseidon IX #1

At risk of spoiling my opinion, I am just confused by this comic. I know that Poseidon IX is somehow connected to the Aphrodite IX series, which I am vaguely familiar with buy haven't really read myself. Without that knowledge, this book left me more confused than anything else, and does not make sense as a jumping on point for the rest of the series. From my perspective, little about it really makes sense. 
To its credit, the book starts off explaining the backstory. It uses the first page to lay out that this is the far future, there are androids themed after the Greek gods being used as the savior of civilization, and basic ideas like that. Unfortunately, that all serves as background that doesn't really connect to anything specific happening in the story.

The main story follows one of the Poseidon androids fighting a sea monster, and when it ends, it feels like this would be a good place to launch the rest of this series. Then I see it confusingly called both a #1 issue and a One-Shot on Image's site. If it's a #1, it's a mediocre start to a series with an intriguing concept, but as a One-Shot, it doesn't even properly end so much as stop. The end of this could be a decent starting point for a new story next month, but not the actual end of the story.

What I will give this comic credit for is the design, going all in for the Ancient Greece theme. Yes, it's the far future, but it looks like pop culture has made me think Ancient Greece looks like, and at a grand scale I don't always see properly portrayed. The design makes it look like a story that deserves to use the names of gods as characters, even if the story itself doesn't quite match.

As a newcomer to this world, this doesn't make me want to check out the Aphrodite IX series. This feels like it could have been better as a side story within that series, since nothing here is strong enough to justify being separated out and sold on its own. If anything about this seems interesting, you're probably better off seeking out the main series.

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