Sunday, September 20, 2015

Comic Review: D4VE2 #1

Even after reading through it a couple times, I can't tell you what exactly D4VE2 is. It is about robots, and is quite out there, even by comic standards. Trying to summarize it is a losing battle. I will likely check out the next issue, though I find it difficult to explain exactly why.

From the way that it's drawn, D4VE2 is just a bit off-kilter from the beginning. Everyone is a robot, breaking any connection to our world. It's not entirely broken, as all the robots look like people, except that pieces of them are replaced with metal and transparent plastic. We have all these familiar things, people and dogs and statues and buildings, but they are are robot people and robot dogs and robot statues and normal buildings filled with robots. It shoots for off-kilter and hits, setting up the rest of the issue.

I feel like this comic could be titled Deadpool: Robot Edition. D4VE could be Deadpool's robotic brother based just on temperament. He doesn't break the fourth wall as blatantly, but in wittiness and sarcasm he can match up to that beat for beat. It sets the tone right away, making it clear that this book is about humor.

Unfortunately, that makes it hard to talk about. The majority of the book flies by without a real plot, but that causes it to run out of steam approximately seven pages from the end. There is some plot in the ending cliffhanger, but it takes too long to get there and doesn't strike me as a particularly good cliffhanger. The other bit of any plot progression is with D4VE's son and his adventures in homoeroticism, which besides raising interesting character and logistical questions, is too short to make much of an impact.

Despite all that, I still want to read the next issue. The joke outstayed its welcome and the plot was thin, but now that some actual plot is happening, the comic might be able to sustain itself. Even without that, I find this whole thing weirdly intriguing, so I'll give the next one a shot to see if it improves.

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