Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Interesting Comics This Week (9-23-15)

Mentioning a comic here doesn't necessarily mean I will be reviewing it, and not being here doesn't necessarily mean I won't. Instead, this is meant as a simple look at what sticks out about what is coming out this week.
Action Lab:

Princeless Be Yourself #4
Despite having only read the Raven: The Pirate Princess spinoff, just about everything in the Princeless series jumps out at me as something to pay attention to right away. This one is the final issue in a miniseries, so while I can't speak to it out of experience, it's still worth looking at, or noting down to keep an eye out for the trade.

BOOM! Studios:

Over the Garden Wall #2
I haven't seen the Cartoon Network miniseries this comic is based on, but the first issue was just so much fun. The description makes it sound like there's a bit of a gap between the end of that issue and the start of this one, but so long as the individual stories are fun, I don't really care. If you've seen the miniseries, I have to imagine this is something you really want to read.

Wild's End Enemy Within #1
This is a follow up to a previous miniseries, Wild's End, focusing on an alien invasion hitting a small town. In this follow up, we have the military coming into the town, trying to cover up what happened. It's very much X-Files , but two things make this stick out to me. One, it's written by Dan Abnett, who did the Guardians of the Galaxy series in 2008. Two, it looks to have the Usagi Yojimbo idea of everyone is an animal, and that immediately makes the rather standard premise stick out as something more interesting.

Chapter House Publishing:

Pitiful Human-Lizard #1
There's not a ton of information about this comic out there that I can find easily, but just the description from PreviewsWorld gives me just about everything I need to know. Seemingly irreverent comic about a pitiful Canadian superhero - it seems to be hitting every button that I have at once.


Exit Generation #1
We're in the near future, where random depopulation has made Earth a utopia. Our protagonist is bored with its perfection when he suddenly finds himself involved with aliens after they steal someone from him. Just like Pitiful Human-Lizard, someone is hitting all sorts of buttons I like - utopia is boring, and the protagonist's motivation starts with boredom rather than anything extraordinary.

Dark Horse Comics:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #19
It should be very obvious that I am a huge Buffy fan at this point - I've reviewed a ton of the comics, even through rough patches (and there have been a lot of them). This one has the potential for some really interesting takes on the characters. This series is all but impenetrable to newcomers at this point, but this one I'm looking forward to beyond just the fact that it's another one; the series had the most bizarre stroke of genius resurrecting Giles as a younger version of himself last season, and exploring aging him back up again is a really interesting way to take the story.

Power Cubed #1
Looking at the description of this comic on Dark Horse's site, this is either going to be amazing or a disaster, and the worst thing it could possibly be is mediocre. It feels like someone throwing together every comic idea they had into one story - Nazis, aliens, a matter-reinterpreting device, evil government agents - and it'll either be amazing or terrible, and either of those would be exactly what I want to see.

DC Comics:

Batman '66 #27
I've talked about why I love this series before, but the simple explanation is this: this so perfectly captures the fun of the 1966 TV series that I can't help but love it. Batman works well when he is serious, and there is plenty of that out there; this is unique in that it's going in a completely different direction, and it's something related to Batman that is actually fun to read.

IDW Publishing:

Airwolf Airstrikes Volume 1 TPB
"Isn't that the dopey 80s TV series about the helicopter?" Yes, it is, and that's why I'm interested. I've never even watched the TV series, but a comic anthology of that type of series sounds like exactly the kind of thing that I'll like - I never said it'll be good, but I'm sure I'll like it and it'll be fun to read.

Image Comics:

Mythic #4
The last issue of this series started with a giant, profane baby wrestling a giant alligator, and ended with a giant worm popping out of the ground, threatening to eat dwarves. There's something else in there about an organization in charge of keeping these mythical monsters under control, but the insanity of what idea they were going to come up with next has left me not as concerned with that as just seeing how far the creators are willing to go. 

Marvel Comics:

Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #4
Yes, it's caught up in all the Battleworld nonsense that has made me almost stop caring about Marvel comics, but... it's Carol Danvers as written by Kelly Sue DeConnick. I didn't like the first issue, spending most of it trying to get used to the change in status quo (which was whiplash inducing compared to the previous series), and I'll be more than overjoyed when they get out of Secret Wars (and Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas take over), but for now, it's still a good read.

Fury S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary #1
I am so thoroughly a dope with this; the marketing for SHIELD comics recently has been about as naked a type of opportunistic exploitation as you can get, but it's been working. These comics have been a little hit or miss, but I've come to like the SHIELD spycraft enough recently that I'm looking forward to it in spite of myself.

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